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cheap package holidays to Brazil
Cheap package Holidays to Brazil 2015 & 2016
Get to know the amazing wildlife of this South American country during your Cheap Brazil Holidays. It is, after all, home to around 60 percent of the Amazon Rainforest, so expected to see a lot of species that you have never heard of before during your Cheap Brazil Holidays. Brazil, known for its great biodiversity, is home to 55,000 plant species, 3,000 freshwater fish species and more than 520 species of mammals.
Your Brazil Cheap Holidays will expose you to the many species of insects that can be found here. Brazil is said to be home to around 15 million species of insects. A single rainforest hectare alone reportedly had up to 60,000 species of insects. Birds will also make your Brazil Cheap Holidays very fulfilling and colourful. Colombia and Peru is known for having the most number of distinct species of birds but Brazil is not far behind. Brazil has up to 1,832 species of avifauna, 234 of which are endemic.

Your Cheap Brazil Holidays will be a lot more memorable as you discover that the parrot in this area has more than 70 species. This is also the best place in the world for bird-watching so watch out for flamingos, toucans and even vultures during your Cheap Brazil Holidays. What will however amaze you during your Cheap Brazil Holidays is Rhea, the largest bird found in Brazil. This flightless bird much similar to the emu is also known as the heaviest American bird alive. It would be of interest to every tourist to know that the Rhea got its name from a Greek goddess, and that it is a near-threatened species because they are considered by farmers as pests.

If only for its attractive colours, the Toco Toucan should be part of your Brazil Cheap Holidays. This is the best known toucan family species and is also the largest. You will see the Toco Toucans in various zoos during your Brazil Cheap Holidays. Watch out for its huge bill which is its most noticeable feature. It is actually easy to fall in love with Brazil given its wildlife.

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