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The island of Corsica looks like a bunch of ripe grapes. On cheap holidays Corsica one can see expansive lush green mountain ranges having scrublands, pastures and pine and chestnut forests. One can also find excellent vineyards here, cultivation of grapes in Corsica started over 3000 years ago. In the north of the island lies Bastia which is a peaceful and quiet area, you must visit this area on cheap holidays Corsica. The interior of the island is also very calm and peaceful and remains snow covered till July.

The mountains of the island of Corsica make hiking on cheap package holidays to Corsica an adventure. Kayaking is another great activity to be tried while on cheap package holidays to Corsica. You can go kayaking along the Mediterranean coast and enjoy the cool blue waters. Nowadays people have made kayaking a popular mode of transport to the island. The best time to visit the island is during the summers when there is a huge crowd of visitors here or during spring and autumn when the island is at its best.

The origin of the gastronomy of the island of Corsica is not very clear as the island itself is partly French and partly Italian. Typical specialties worth trying on cheap holidays Corsica are lamb cooked and seasoned with wild herbs, cured sausages and different types of cheeses. Prisuttu, a famous dish which is a must try on cheap holidays Corsica is made from ham made of semi wild pigs. Seafood is also a major part of the gastronomy of Corsica.

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