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Cheap package Holidays to Croatia 2014 & 2015
A visit to the Boreal Kingdom during your Cheap Croatia Holidays will be a true adventure into this floristic kingdom. But more than the greens, you would greatly enjoy a visit to Zadar during your Cheap Croatia Holidays as it would bring you to a place that still possess a remarkable remembrance of the Roman era, including the existence of the Roman forum. Zadar still possess that Roman character seen in the way the city was organized from the Roman street system to the sewage and even water supply system.
A visit to the Church of St. Donatus during your Croatia Cheap Holidays in Zadar will give you a glimpse of the early Byzantine era. Donatus of Zadar started construction of the church, which was originally called church of the Holy Trinity, as early as the 9th century. This is actually the largest building in Croatia with the pre-romanesque style. While it no longer hosts religious services which you may require during your Croatia Cheap Holidays, the church functions well as a concert venue due to its excellent acoustics.

The Mediterranean-covered island of Korcula should keep your Cheap Croatia Holidays interesting especially with the pine forests covering the island. But more than that, what should keep you on your toes during your Cheap Croatia Holidays is the legend that Trojan hero Antenor discovered the island in the 12th century BC.

Visit the Plitvice Lakes National Park during your Croatia Cheap Holidays and you will at least have the bragging rights to tell your folks back home that you have been to a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This national park boasts of having limestone and dolomite karstic rocks along its various lakes and caves. Your Croatia Cheap Holidays will be a chance to discover the many fir trees, beech and other Alpine vegetation in Croatia. Now that would be something to gloat about when you get back home.


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