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Cheap package Holidays to Hong Kong 2014 & 2015
Your Cheap Hong Kong Holidays will lead you to one of the People's Republic of Chinas administrative regions. With a name that means "fragrant harbour", you can only expect your Cheap Hong Kong Holidays to lead you to many destinations along its harbours which could have earned that fragrant reputation because of the incense smoke from the factories line along the coast of Kowloon. One of the best ways to experience the local attractions and heritage of Hong Kong is to take the Ding Ding Tram Ride.
Start your Hong Kong Cheap Holidays adventure at Sheung Wan where Hong Kongs traditional herbs and medicines take centre stage. The merchant-filled streets of Sheung Wan will give you a feel of Hong Kong 100 years ago. This is exactly the place you should visit if you are looking for tonic foods and unique gifts from Hong Kong. Your Hong Kong Cheap Holidays will lead you to Wing Lok Street or more popularly known as Ginseng and Birds Nest Street. Looking for rice, rubber or dried seafoods? This is the perfect place to be.

Your Cheap Hong Kong Holidays will also lead you to Central, where you will find a strange but delightful mix of marble shopping malls, skyscrapers and colonial heritage. You will finally be able to tell the real meaning of "East meets West" when you go to the Central during your Cheap Hong Kong Holidays. Your holiday could be more romantic when you take the Victoria Harbour Star Ferry and feel the wind touch your skin.

The best way to see Causeway Bay during your Hong Kong Cheap Holidays is by tram. This is another opportunity for shopaholics to satisfy their desires as the Bay is lined with boutiques and specialty stores filled with electronic gadgets, accessories and clothes. Set your eyes on the Ngo Keng Kiu, more popularly known as the Goose Neck Bridge during Hong Kong Cheap Holidays. If you time your visit in March then you will most likely find a group of old women sitting under the bridge, all cursing professionally. This can be the nearest you can get to voodoo-type ceremonies in this part of the globe as the cursing is characterized by the use of humans or animal-shaped paper cut-outs and offerings. Choose who among your friends or enemies you consider as bad luck and write their details on the paper shapes before beating them. By letting go of bad luck, you can expect to be really lucky when you leave Hong Kong.


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