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Cheap package Holidays to Albufeira  2015 & 2016
This Portugal city is the main destination for tourists going on cheap Albufeira holidays. For one, the city is located along the coast and is proximate to the Paderne Castle. There are also several golf courses that never fail to catch the interest of tourists planning to go on cheap Albufeira holidays. It is not surprising at all that tourism is a vibrant industry in Albufeira and you will easily observe this after sunset as the city centre comes alive with the opening of the pubs, bars and restaurants.
Most tourists arrive via Faro Airport. After sunset, the centre Tourists on their Albufeira cheap holidays immediately go to the beach the minute they have settled in at their hotels from the Faro Airport. A popular choice is the Praia do Tonel which can be accessed through a tunnel. You have the choice to visit the Old Town during your Albufeira cheap holidays which is more relaxed and is pretty impressive with its traditional Arabic architecture. This is a pretty village which will treat you with the contrasting sight of the whitewashed houses and the ochre-red cliffs.

However, if you want to party during your cheap Albufeira holidays then you should check out The Strip along Arejas de Sao Joao which is popular for its lively nightlife. Don't miss the opportunity to experience The Strip where popular bars are lined up including La Bamba, Garage, Cafe del Mar, Cuica, Zoo, Kiss and Matt's among others. You will find out during your cheap Albufeira holidays that this fun resort offers an eclectic mix of enjoyment from the old wonders to the more modern ones. The jetsetting crowd can usually be found at the more expensive restaurants and the high-class bars.

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