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Cheap package Holidays to Seychelles 2014 & 2015
Expect a clean and green environment to welcome you on your Cheap Seychelles Holidays, thanks to strict environmental legislation. Despite its popularity as a Cheap Seychelles Holidays destination, the environment is not wasted here because a strict environmental review is needed for every tourism project. Instead of deterring investors and visitors, they came in droves with their dollars, making Seychelles tourism-rich but still sustainable. No one can say it has not learned from experience, when it lost its biodiversity centuries ago.
Your Seychelles Cheap Holidays is rich in flora and fauna and one of the most remarkable fauna here is the Seychelles Black Parrot. This sombre-coloured parrot called Kato Nwar by the locals is Seychelles' national bird. However, its population has declined over the years to only around 300 due to the loss of their habitats and persecution. You will discover during your Seychelles Cheap Holidays that while the parrot is protected in Seychelles, it is still illegally persecuted outside the reserve.

You will discover the Seychelles Paradise-flycatcher during your Cheap Seychelles Holidays. A decline in the population of the bird, which is endemic to Seychelles, has been noticed because of forest loss. You will realize during your Cheap Seychelles Holidays that you will not find the bird anywhere except in La Digue, one of the must-visit islands in Seychelles.

The Seychelles giant tortoise is another fine example of Seychelles fauna you will discover on your Seychelles Cheap Holidays. One of the world's oldest living tortoises is 181-year old Jonathan which can be found in Saint Helena. You will learn during your Seychelles Cheap Holidays how experts though that this tortoise species had been extinct since the 19th century. The only living Indian Ocean giant tortoise species is the Aldabra giant tortoise which thrived in the vegetation and marshes of Seychelles. You would be so lucky to even get a glimpse of the oddly-shaped domed tortoises during your vacation.


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