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Cheap package Holidays to South Africa 2014 & 2015
The diverse ethnicity of this country has made it one of the most popular Cheap South Africa Holidays destinations. And if you're headed down there, it would be wise to spend some days during your Cheap South Africa Holidays at the legislative capital of Cape Town as it is home to many attractions including the Houses of Parliament. Tourists who drop by one of the coffee shops after their tour usually encounter Parliament members also taking their daily dose of caffeine. However, you can also observe the parliamentary sessions by sitting in the public gallery.
Your next South Africa Cheap Holidays will be the South African Museum in Cape Town, which was established in 1825, making it sub-Saharan Africa's oldest museum. Last century's traditional clothes along with 120,000 years old-Stone Age tools are on display. The museum will provide you a better insight into the cultural heritage of the African's cultural heritage during your South Africa Cheap Holidays.

The De Tuynhuys in Cape Town which was built in 1700 for Cape visitors will be your next Cheap South Africa Holidays. The structure witnessed one of South Africa's most important historical turning points when from its steps, FW de Klerk announced on March 18, 1992 the closing of the book on apartheid. You will discover during your Cheap South Africa Holidays that the De Tuynhuys looks pretty well-preserved despite its age, thanks to a restoration work in 1967.

Your South Africa Cheap Holidays will be very fruitful indeed once you visit the Castle of Good Hope which offers a unique combination of military ceremonies, fine wine and traditional food plus loads of history. Construction of the castle started in 1666, making it Southern Africa's oldest surviving building. The building of the five-pointed stone castle, which was declared a National Monument in 1936, as prompted by renewed rumours of an impending war between the Netherlands and Britain in 1664. You will find out during your South Africa Cheap Holidays that the five bastions of the castle came with the names Oranje, Nassau, Carzenellenbogen, Buuren and Leerdam.


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