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Cheap package Holidays to Tunisia 2015 & 2016
Keep your Cheap Tunisia Holidays on the exotic side by visiting the Al-Zaytuna Mosque which occupies a 5,000-square metre area. The ancient mosque is pretty impressive with 160 authentic columns straight from the centuries-old city of Carthage. You will realize during your Tunisia Cheap Holidays that the mosque plays a significant role in the country as it is home a university that educated some of Islam's finest scholars.
Your Tunisia Cheap Holidays will lead you to The Mosque of Uqba which stands in the town of Kairouan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mosque, which dates back to 670 AD, stands on a 9,000-squaer metre area considered to be the western Islamic world's oldest worship place. You will discover during your Tunisia Cheap Holidays that the mosque was the intellectual centre of the city. You will be amazed at the nine gates of the mosque which is still the subject of a controversy as there are also reports that there were actually ten gates during the 10th century.

Your Cheap Tunisia Holidays will lead you to the Ksar Mosque which dates back to the 12th century. The royal mosque was believed to have been built during Ahmed Ibn Kourassane's reign. You will realize during your Cheap Tunisia Holidays that the mosque, especially the minaret has undergone lots of restoration and renovation works in the past. The Moorish-style minaret with the popular Fatimid-style big bows will capture your interest during your visit.

A visit to the Hammouda Pacha Mosque during your Tunisia Cheap Holidays would take you to a historical monument which dates back to 1655. A visit to Monastir would amaze your during your Tunisia Cheap Holidays because it would bring you to the Habib Bourquiba mosque which will make you look twice as it looks similar to the Hammamouda Pacha Mosque in Tunisia. It is clear that the mosque, with its 40-metre high minaret, was inspired by the Pacha Mosque.


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