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Cheap package Holidays to Turkey 2015 & 2016
Most people think about their Cheap Turkey Holidays destination as a mere exotic land where one can gallivant and have a great time. While that is true, you will discover during your Cheap Turkey Holidays that Turkey also has a growing automotive industry which is considered the world's 15th largest auto producer and the 6th in Europe.
You will discover that your Turkey Cheap Holidays destination has greatly advanced in the automotive industry thanks to companies like BMC, Otokar and TEMSA which are very competitive in the world market for trucks, buses and vans. It is easy to see during your Turkey Cheap Holidays that aside from being a popular tourist destination, Turkey is also a favourite among investors that produce popular models of cars for the Ford Motor Company, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Honda and Opel.

Your will discover during your Cheap Turkey Holidays that Turkey's Shipbuilding industry is also something to be interested in. It has been ranked the world's fourth leading shipbuilding nation, just behind China, South Korea and Japan. You will be surprised during your Cheap Turkey Holidays to realize that a number of mega yachts are being ordered built in Turkey.

It would be great if you can have a tour of Gemak during your Turkey Cheap Holidays. Naval architect Ismet Uner established the company in 1969 as a small yard until it was transferred to Istanbul where it focused on ship building and repair. You will discover during your Turkey Cheap Holidays that Gemak is one of Turkey's leading ship repair facilities. It is not everyday that you get to visit a site where luxury yachts and commercial ships are built so better take advantage of the chance to visit the area during your vacation.

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