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cheap package holidays to Kusadasi
Cheap package Holidays to Kusadasi
It is hard to tell how many people are on their way to Cheap Kusadasi Holidays especially during summer when the population can get bloated to more than half a million. A lot of people go on Cheap Kusadasi Holidays to experience the sun and the beaches of this summer paradise.
Brace yourself even before your Kusadasi Cheap Holidays because you are headed for Bird Island. A little history even before your Kusadasi Cheap Holidays will make your realize that Kusadasi’s name came from the combination of kus and ada which means bird and island, owing to the shape of the peninsula when viewed from the sea.

You will find your Cheap Kusadasi Holidays destinations easily accessible by dolmus or the minibus. However, you can opt for the taxi or daily boat trips when going to Izmir or Bodrum. It is easy to be mesmerized by the majestic yachts during your Cheap Kusadasi Holidays considering that cruise ships regularly call at the port of Kusadasi.

You will find your Kusadasi Cheap Holidays very fulfilling both aesthetically and culturally, After all, many civilizations have settled in Kusadasi as early as 3000 B.C. You will discover during your Kusadasi Cheap Holidays that vessels sailing along the Aegean Coast frequented the port in Kusadasi centuries ago. It would be interesting to know that St. John the Baptists and Mary the mother of Jesus lives in the area during the second century BC when it was still known as Ania. Check out the Ataturk Statue in town as it is an important part of Kusadasi’s history.

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